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What do we do at Greater Lansing Food Bank?

Since 1981, Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB) has worked to mobilize resources in the community to alleviate hunger. The food bank collects food from local neighbors, retailers, the USDA, purchased goods and from food drive donations. The food bank then distributes nutritious food across a seven-county service area through specialized programs and a network of 140 community partners.

खाद्य बैंक र खाद्यपैंट्रीबीच के भिन्नता छ?

A food bank and a food pantry are two very different things.

A FOOD BANK is a nonprofit organization that safely stores millions of pounds of food that will then be delivered to local food programs and community partners, like a food pantry. Food banks make it easy for community partners to obtain nutritious food to then distribute to the local community.

FOOD PANTRY is an individual site that distributes bags or boxes of food directly to those in need who reside in a specified area. A food pantry is a member agency of a food bank and receives its food them. A community pantries’ mission is to directly serve food to neighbors within a specified area. 

Both food banks and food pantries share the same commitment: to provide food to those in need.

How does food move through GLFB?

जीएलएफबीले कस्तो प्रकारको भोजन वितरण गर्छ?

ग्रेटर लान्सिङ फूड बैंकले सबै खाद्य समूहबाट भोजन प्रदान गर्दछ, जस्तै: मासु & प्रोटीन; ताजा उत्पादन; दुग्ध; र रोटी, पास्ता & gt: अन्न ।

मोबाइलको खाद्यान्न वितरण के हो ?

GLFB and community partners hold mobile food distributions to take food and hand out directly to people in need. Monthly Mobile Food Distributions calendar linked HERE.

खाना खान योग्य को हो ?

Anyone in need of food is eligible.

How can someone receive food?

You can receive food through mobile food distributions or a community pantry. Find the nearest pantry near you and more Information on upcoming mobile distributions linked HERE. 

For further assistance please call GLFB’s assistance line at (517) 449-0360, Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. For assistance after hours and on weekends call 2-1-1.

Does a food pantry or mobile distribution require identification?

You DO NOT need to show any type of identification paperwork to receive food.  

How often can someone visit a food pantry or mobile distribution?

Each food pantry has its own policies on how often neighbors are welcome to receive food. It is best practice to check with the food pantry before visiting to find out what their polices are.

Does a neighbor need to pay for food?

If you are visiting one of our partner agencies, you will never have to pay for food. Our partner agencies are required to offer their food services to you 100% free of cost.

तपाईं के गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ?

ग्रेटर लान्सिङ फूड बैंकले स्वयम्सेवक तथा दानदाताहरूको मदतविना हामीले सेवा गर्ने समुदायको आवश्यकता पूरा गर्न सकेन। तपाईं यसमा संलग्न हुन सक्नुहुन्छ: खाद्य ड्राइभ राख्नु; चन्दा चन्दा काण्ड र boxed माल; जीएलएफबीलाई आर्थिक सहयोग गर्ने; र सहयोग उपलब्ध छ भनेर सबैलाई जानकारी गराएर ।