Bustani ya Jamii ya Wardcliff

Mahali: 5150 Wardcliff Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823
Bustani ya Mchango waBustani ya UmmaKukua-Bustani yako mwenyewe

Established in 2010, plots are available to grow your own food. Wardcliff community garden plots approximately 6 x 20 ft in size, which is tilled each spring (hence no perennials), and plots are assigned. We have a great tool shed with hoses and tools. The garden is protected from deer with an 8 foot high deer fence.

Garden leaders handle plot registration separate to Garden Project, and have a listserv and a Facebook page.

Plot fee: Suggested $10 donation per plot. Wardcliff garden leadership reserves the right to deny community gardening space as it deems appropriate.

We are supported with resources by Garden Project and Okemos Schools.

  • Number of plots: 58
  • Jinsi ya kushiriki:

    Email Marty

  • Location: 5150 Wardcliff Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823