Jardín comunitario de Wardcliff

Ubicación: 5150 Wardcliff Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823
Jardín público Huerto de donación Huerto de cultivo propio

Established in 2010, plots are available to grow your own food. Wardcliff community garden plots approximately 6 x 20 ft in size, which is tilled each spring (hence no perennials), and plots are assigned. We have a great tool shed with hoses and tools. The garden is protected from deer with an 8 foot high deer fence.

Garden leaders handle plot registration separate to Garden Project, and have a listserv and a Facebook page.

Plot fee: Suggested $10 donation per plot. Wardcliff garden leadership reserves the right to deny community gardening space as it deems appropriate.

We are supported with resources by Garden Project and Okemos Schools.

  • Number of plots: 58
  • Cómo participar:

    Email Marty

  • Location: 5150 Wardcliff Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823