SNAP Emergency Allotments Are Ending In February

SNAP Emergency Allotments Are Ending In February What is changing? Recent federal legislation passed in December 2022 brings an end to the SNAP Emergency Allotments. These additional food assistance benefits have been issued since April 2020 and have been loaded onto SNAP participants’ Bridge Cards as a second payment each month. February will be the More

Hunger Heroes, the Invaluable Volunteers – Dean Kimmith

Dean Kimmith is a hunger hero. He has been volunteering at Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB) for more than five years, working a variety of roles to help out wherever he can. “It was important to me to stay engaged in human service issues after I retired,” states Dean, “This has been an incredible experience More

१४ औं बार्षिक खाली प्लेटको इभेन्ट

दुई वर्षे हियाटसपछि ग्रेटर लान्सिङ फूड बैंकले स्पार्टान स्टेडियमको हन्टिङ्गटन क्लबमा आफ्नो १४ औं वार्षिक रित्तो प्लेट कार्यक्रमलाई स्वागत गऱ्यो। नीलामी दाता, प्रायोजक र अतिथिहरूको उदारताले गर्दा यस वर्षको रित्तो प्लेटले ३,९०,००० अमेरिकी डलरभन्दा बढी रकम जम्मा गऱ्यो! ६ औं वार्षिक संस्थापक पुरस्कार क्यामिली एण्ड मोरलाई कार्यक्रममा प्रदान गरियो