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When to Plant Your Garden

Written by: Matthew Romans, Program & Education Specialist – Garden Project When should you plant your vegetables? The best time to plant your garden varies from vegetable to vegetable, but in general, garden veggies can be divided into two main categories; cool season and warm season plants. The following guide outlines these two categories, and More

15th Annual Empty Plate Event

For more than 15 years the Greater Lansing community has gathered to support Greater Lansing Food Bank’s mission via the Empty Plate Strolling Dinner & Auction. Guests return year after year and are reminded each time how much fun fighting hunger can be when we do it together, surrounded by colleagues, family and friends. This More

32nd Annual Empty Bowls

For more than 30 years, Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB) has hosted an annual Empty Bowls event. The simple offering of a bowl of soup and slice of bread is served to show participants that humble meals can have transformative impacts when shared alongside friends and neighbors. Guests will receive a soup lunch and hand-crafted More

१४ औं बार्षिक खाली प्लेटको इभेन्ट

दुई वर्षे हियाटसपछि ग्रेटर लान्सिङ फूड बैंकले स्पार्टान स्टेडियमको हन्टिङ्गटन क्लबमा आफ्नो १४ औं वार्षिक रित्तो प्लेट कार्यक्रमलाई स्वागत गऱ्यो। नीलामी दाता, प्रायोजक र अतिथिहरूको उदारताले गर्दा यस वर्षको रित्तो प्लेटले ३,९०,००० अमेरिकी डलरभन्दा बढी रकम जम्मा गऱ्यो! ६ औं वार्षिक संस्थापक पुरस्कार क्यामिली एण्ड मोरलाई कार्यक्रममा प्रदान गरियो