Bustani ya Jamii ya Lilac

Mahali: 1260 Lilac Ave., Lansing Mashariki, MI 48823
Bustani ya Umma kukua-bustani yako mwenyewe

Inapatikana kwa umma kwa ujumla.

Established in 1980, Lilac hosts a diversity of vegetable plants and gardeners from various countries. Gardeners are able to utilize effective electric fencing as well as a water storage and delivery system. Because it sits just off the banks of the Red Cedar, the soil stays quite wet into the spring, so gardeners have the choice of waiting for soil conditions to dry out enough to use a tractor service or they can elect to till the ground themselves. In 2011, the Garden Project purchased a tiller to keep on-site at Lilac for use by trained gardeners. The money for this tiller was contributed in the form of plot fees. Land use is provided by Michigan State University. Personal fencing is encouraged, due to strong deer pressure.

  • Number of plots: 60
  • Jinsi ya kushiriki:

    Registration for returning gardeners opens March 1. (If you are a returning gardener, submit your registration by April 1 to reserve your same plot. If you need the link or registration form sent to you, please contact Garden Project at (517) 853-7809 or gardenproject@glfoodbank.org.) Plot registration opens online to new gardeners on April 1. For site specific information email Dechun or contact Garden Project.

  • Mahali: 1260 Lilac Ave., Lansing Mashariki, MI 48823