The Number of Seniors Facing Hunger is Only Expected to Increase

Today, nearly 1 in 10 seniors in our communities are at risk of going hungry.

Unfortunately, there are far too many seniors across mid-Michigan who struggle with choosing between paying bills or buying food every day.

As the baby-boom generation ages, the number of seniors facing hunger is only expected to increase. For those who rely on a fixed income, expensive medical care or an unexpected bill can leave them with very little money left to put food on the table. Additionally, adults the age of 50 or older face increased health risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure – conditions that can be alleviated by healthy food options.

You can make a difference today.

Through specialized services, we are working to ensure that seniors have access to fresh produce, dairy and other nutritious foods. Your gift today will help provide the critical food assistance they not only need but deserve.

For every dollar you give, we can provide up to 3 meals for people facing hunger across mid-Michigan.

Thank you for caring!

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