Heat or Eat?

“Heat or eat?” That’s a question food insecure Mid-Michigan families ask themselves during the winter. As temperatures drop, heating costs go up. Kids need new boots and heavy jackets. For low-income families, winter can understandably be a difficult time. Likewise, seniors who are on a fixed income find their monthly budgets strained by the additional costs of heating. This leads to tough decisions between paying for those winter clothes and buying this week’s groceries. Even what might seem like a “minor” financial setback can rock those facing food insecurity. Unexpected car repairs or surprise medical expenses are common themes we hear from our clients at GLFB.

Because of this, we want to take food out of the equation. We want dad to be able take his daughter to urgent care when she comes down with the “bug” going around school. We want mom to replace the car battery that died in the cold, so that she can get to work to afford jackets for her children. And we certainly want our seniors to live in dignity.

As always, thank you for supporting our mission. Your assistance is what allows us to put food on the tables for our clients. Together we’re helping those in need make one fewer tough choice during winter.

Thanks for caring,


Joe Wald
Executive Director
Greater Lansing Food Bank