Partner Spotlight: The Bread House

Left to right: Dara Mayhoe; Dara’s husband, Mark; Senior Pastor Bishop Alfred P. Singleton together in The Bread House

The Bread House is an international ministry that partners with GLFB as a food pantry in Ingham County. Dara Mayhoe, a key leader of the Bread House’s community outreach ministry overseeing the food pantry, knows firsthand the impact of hunger on a family.

“As a child I remember very clearly how my family relied on food donations provided by the food bank. It was one less thing my mother had to worry about as a single parent,” Dara said. Now, with an aspiration to be like those who helped her, Dara commits herself to helping others who face food insecurity. As someone who has been in their shoes, it is important to Dara to provide services with the respect and dignity deserving of anyone who faces hunger.

By partnering with GLFB, Dara and The Bread House are working to expand their programs and partnerships to help more families in need. “I am very passionate about being connected with my community,” Dara reflects, “Especially with providing basic needs such as food.”