Dansville Elementary Garden

Parent, student and teacher volunteers planted the first seeds for our elementary school garden in 2017. The student garden club meets regularly for garden projects, planting, weeding, harvesting, and donating. Teachers use the garden for hands-on learning opportunities, even lessons on composting and worms! Our school garden unifies the rich farming history of our small More

St. Johns High School Garden

Nestled into a protected, sunny courtyard, the St. John’s High School Garden is a focal point that creates school community. A Student Gardening Group plants, grows and eats some of the produce and a partnership with SJHS Food Services provides opportunities for consumption of produce by all students and staff. More

Maple Valley High School

This garden supports the educational goals of MVPS and their SNAP-Ed program. Students work in the 20 bed garden during their after-school club, growing fresh produce for themselves and those in need.  The garden also serves a space for the community to come together to celebrate its accomplishments bringing individuals together through inter-generational gardening. More

Williamston Explorer Elementary

Explorer Elementary uses its school garden to support their mission of providing instructional excellence; engaging, integrated learning; and responsive intervention and enrichment for each student every day. More

Kinawa Community Garden

Private garden – plots available to Okemos Public Schools students & families. The Kinawa Community Garden is located to the north of the tennis courts at Kinawa Middle School in Okemos. Our mission is to provide an outdoor growing space to improve the health of Okemos school families through the exploration and physical activity involved More

Harvest at Alive

Harvest is a “pizza garden” located in the Preserve at Al!VE health park. The garden was created by Washington Elementary and funded by the ‘Fuel up to Play 60’ program. Elementary students help grow and harvest vegetables needed for pizza sauce and healthy pizza toppings. A projected Phase II of Harvest will include the building More

Sheridan Road STEM School Garden

The Sheridan Road School Garden was built in the spring of 2014. It currently has 10 raised beds and a bean teepee. This garden is an educational tool helping to teach 288 students grades 4-6 to make food choices that are healthy for their bodies and our planet! More

Eaton Rapids High School Science Department

Our botany farm provides a wonderful opportunity for our Eaton Rapids High School students to be involved in the growing of herbs and vegetables for our cafeteria. Food is grown in our four hydroponic towers as well as two raised beds contained in our greenhouse. Upon harvesting, the food is taken to the cafeteria where More