Village Summit Gardens

Location: 119 East Barnes Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48910
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Established in 2010, Village Summit is located in an empty lot owned by the Ingham County Land Bank. Garden goals include bringing the community together and teaching our community to eat healthy, fresh foods, and use fresh herbs instead of prepackaged spices. The garden is one part of Village Summit’s “Micro Community Center,” which is a previously foreclosed house, transformed into a valuable resource for the neighborhood. Their mission is focused on helping children in the community and building bonds between community members through volunteerism and personal service.

The number of plots varies depending on the needs of users. Anyone living in the Fabulous Acres neighborhood is welcome to join the garden. There are no plot or water fees. This garden is pesticide-free.

  • How to get involved:

    Ms. Dottie


  • Location: 119 East Barnes Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48910