Room 411: The Kinawa Garden Classroom

Location: 1900 Kinawa Dr., Okemos, MI 48864
Private Garden Youth Garden

“Room 411: The Kinawa Garden Classroom” is appropriately named as the school’s last classroom following Room 410, the last indoor classroom. It provides cross-curricula learning in math, science, and community service for students in grades five and six. The garden solidifies and enriches learning in practical ways while simultaneously teaching students the value of growing and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables. It also provides the opportunity for children to learn from community members, who have a passion for gardening through intergenerational gardening with members of the neighboring Briarwood community and the Meridian Senior Center. In doing so, Kinawa School-Community Garden serves as a way in which youth can connect with elders in the community, while also encouraging healthy lifestyles across generations.