Hunger Heroes, the Invaluable Volunteers – Dean Kimmith

Dean Kimmith volunteers at a GLFB mobile distribution.

Dean Kimmith is a hunger hero. He has been volunteering at Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB) for more than five years, working a variety of roles to help out wherever he can. It was important to me to stay engaged in human service issues after I retired,” states Dean, “This has been an incredible experience for me.”  

Dean has especially enjoyed helping register neighbors at mobile food distributions. “The mobiles give you a close up look at how GLFB connects with the community in a very direct and down to earth way. It’s made a big difference in my life,” Dean shares.  

These mobile distributions have also given Dean the opportunity to meet new neighbors and from them he has heard many stories of the challenges food insecurity can bring. With a deepened understanding of what it means to face hunger, he stresses the importance of GLFB’s programming across mid-Michigan, I give credit to GLFB for their ongoing efforts in expanding this programming across our service area; the families who come to these events are hurting and are thankful for the help in putting food on their tables.”  

Grateful to work alongside his fellow volunteers and GLFB staff, Dean commends their commitment to this crucial work, “All the volunteers and GLFB staff know that their efforts are vital to the lives of families who are struggling to make ends meet – that’s a powerful motivation [to volunteer].”  

Dean’s efforts have truly made an impact on families across mid-Michigan. In recognition of his dedication to alleviating hunger one meal at a time, GLFB honored Dean as Volunteer of the Month for the month of August, 2022.