4 razones para preocuparse por la campaña de recogida de alimentos de los carteros

El sábado tendrá lugar nuestra mayor campaña de recogida de alimentos del año, dirigida por la Asociación Nacional de Carteros. La colecta de alimentos del año pasado nos permitió proporcionar 100.000 comidas a los necesitados del centro de Michigan como resultado directo de su generosidad. Lamentablemente, el nivel de necesidad sigue siendo alto.

He aquí por qué este evento es tan importante:

1. Government data suggests that as much as 15 percent of people in our region are “food insecure.” That is about 100,000 people in the seven counties we serve. This means they may have to choose between paying for food and paying for things like rent, utilities and prescriptions. That’s a greater number than the capacity of Spartan Stadium. And it’s just not fair.

2. Children who rely on school meals will be put at risk once summer begins and class is not in session.

3. The long winter put a massive dent in our food supply at the warehouse. See the picture of the boxes below? They’re all empty and in need of replenishing.


4. Food is a basic right. No one should go hungry. Period.

Please consider leaving a non-perishable food donation in a bag by your mailbox on Saturday, May 10. The people of mid-Michigan take care of each other. Thank you.