National Volunteer Month

This month in mid-Michigan, groups and individuals will be giving their time and energy to help others in their communities. April is National Volunteer Month. To celebrate all of the amazing work our volunteers do, we’d like you to meet Gavin, one of our regulars, and hear his story:

For Gavin Gardi, leaving his full-time job didn’t mean taking a break from staying involved.

“I semi-retired last May and started a small consulting firm,” he said. “But then I decided that I wanted to spend at least one day a week volunteering.”

Gardi, a LEED-certified expert who has worked in the energy and sustainability sector for the last 35 years, decided it was time to get involved with a new opportunity; an opportunity to volunteer for a new cause.

“I had been donating to the GLFB for dozens of years, but have only been volunteering for the last four months,” he said. “Now I can say that I enjoy volunteering a lot!”

A regular on the Friday food-sorting crew, Gardi said it’s interesting to see how much food the organization brings in and where it gets distributed. Above all, he enjoys the impact of giving his time.

“I like volunteering. It’s very flexible and I work with some nice people. You come away knowing that you’ve done some concrete good.”




If you would like to get involved, browse our current volunteer openings here.