Gov. Shutdown Update

(1-27-19) The government is currently “open,” and services should resume normal operations.

(1-24-19) Greater Lansing Food Bank is working with our network of 140 pantries to ensure that enough food is available to the public. We haven’t seen spike in need yet, though the longer the shutdown lasts, the more likely we will need to distribute additional food.

If you need help, please dial 2-1-1 to locate a nearby food pantry. Federal workers who need short term assistance may also call 1-517-899-9457 to locate a pantry with expanded capacity.

(1-16-19) MDHHS plans to issue Food Assistance benefits on Saturday January 19, 2019 due to the federal government shutdown. If you are scheduled to receive a FAP benefit in February, your benefits should be issued by Saturday 1/19/19. This replaces your regular February FAP benefit. This means that you may have two months’ worth of food dollars on your account this month. No food dollars will be added in February. The early food dollars are meant to help with next month’s food. We encourage our FAP-participating customers to plan their purchases carefully so that they have money available to meet their food needs.

At this time, if you have a pending application for FAP, your case will be processed as quickly as possible and, if you are eligible for FAP, you will receive notification regarding your benefits.