Armory Garden

Location: 500 Marshall St., Lansing, MI 48912
Public Garden Grow-Your-Own Garden
There is an additional $5 per plot water fee for each plot at Armory Garden

Established in 2005, Armory is a large, very popular garden with easy access to plots and water on the East Side. There is also a tool shed with a seed-starting annex.

The Armory Garden is a public garden, where individuals register for plots and are responsible to plant, water, weed and harvest their produce. The plot fee is set by the Garden Project according to an income scale.  There is an additional $5 water fee per plot. Both of these fees are collected by Garden Project personnel.  When a major repair or change to the infrastructure needs to be done, the garden is able to apply for funds from the Garden Project.  For example, this enabled the installation of a new metal roof on the shed in 2017, and gardeners provided the labor.



  • Number of plots: 58, each approximately 20' x 20' 
  • How to get involved:

    Click here to register. For site-specific questions, contact Bill.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Email is the garden’s primary method of communication, and the garden leader(s) must be able to reliably communicate with the gardening community. An important requirement for 2019 registered gardeners is that they must have a valid email address, and read any email from Armory Garden within 7 days of the date it is sent. Read the garden policy manual here.

  • Location: 500 Marshall St., Lansing, MI 48912