Leslie Congregational Garden

Location: 121 Pennsylvania, Leslie, MI, 49251
Public Garden Grow-Your-Own Garden

Established in 2013, the LCUCC (Leslie Congregational United Church of Christ) Community Garden is located in downtown Leslie between the church and the parsonage.

This community garden is a joint effort of the Leslie Congregational Church of Christ and Third Circle, a non-profit children’s holistic health charity. Third Circle maintains the garden through a paid garden leader or intern and pays the water bill and any maintenance issues (getting manure delivered, etc.). In keeping with the mission directive of this faith community, “Looking Around, Reaching Out, Welcoming In,” everyone in the Leslie Community is invited to participate whether or not they are members of the church. The garden works as a unit and shares the harvest among all participants without designating specific areas to a subset of the participants. The food is planted, maintained, and harvested by anyone interested, with produce going the church members, the local food pantry, and a local nursing home, other organizations with a need are welcome.

It is used as an educational tool, focusing on working with the children of the community to help them experience and participate in all aspects of the work.

  • Number of plots: 2 fenced plots (10'x30' & 15'x15'); an adjacent unfenced bed for herbs and flowers (7'x7'). Planned is addition of a deck and two small raised beds accessible from the deck this spring.
  • How to get involved:

    Email the Garden Project or call (517) 281-6149.

    View the Third Circle Facebook page, which contains information on the community garden.

  • Location: 121 Pennsylvania, Leslie, MI, 49251