Donor advised funds are the fastest-growing giving vehicles in the world of philanthropy. They act like charitable savings accounts, providing donors a flexible, low-cost method of donating to GLFB. Contribute cash, securities or other assets to a donor-advised fund and you are eligible to take an immediate tax deduction. Those funds can be invested for tax-free growth, helping maximize the benefits of your charitable contributions. 

Donor advised funds allow you to take an active role in how your donations are used at GLFB. You can recommend how much and how often money is granted. Create a lasting legacy by naming GLFB as a beneficiary of the account or name a loved one as a successor to continue recommending grants to charitable organizations like GLFB. 

To learn more about donor-advised funds, please contact your personal financial advisor. For general information on giving, contact Kelly Miller, Director of Philanthropy, at