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2023 registration for the 17 community gardens listed below will open:

March 1 for returning gardeners.

  • You will be emailed a link to access an online registration form.

April 1for new gardeners.

  • Check this page for a registration link starting on April 1. 

Garden Project manages registration for the following 17 community gardens:

  • Airport: 2027 W. State Rd. 48906 
  • Armory: 500 Marshall St. 48912 
  • Clifford Park: 550 E. Mt. Hope Ave 48910 
  • ELF: 804 Clyde St. 48915 
  • Foster: 2325 Marcus St. 48912 
  • Hill: 5815 Wise Rd. 48911 
  • Letts: 399 Huron St. 48915 
  • Lilac: 1260 Lilac Ave. EL 48823 
  • North School: 333. E. Miller Rd. 48911 
  • Okemos International: 4394 Okemos Rd. Okemos 
  • Orchard Court: 5745 Orchard Ct. 48911 
  • Otto: 500 E. Thomas St. 48906 
  • Paradise: 550 S. Foster Ave. 48912 
  • Risdale: 2400 Reo Rd. 48911 
  • Roots: 1084 S. Hagadorn Rd. Mason 
  • Slater Park: 2701 Hopkins Ave. 48912 
  • Towar: 6383 Towar Ave. EL 48823 

All other community gardens handle their own registration. Please contact the garden directly to inquire about their registration process. See a list of community gardens and their contact information here.

Home Gardeners  

Gardeners from low-to-moderate income families are welcome to access Garden Project’s Resource Center for seeds, plants and tool lending. Learn more about the Resource Center here. Registration for 2023 Resource Center access will be available this spring. 

Plot Fees 

Those who garden in the community gardens managed by Garden Project (see the list above) are asked to pay at least $15 per plot, more if you are able. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated! Payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card is expected at the time of registration. More information is available on the registration form. 

  • 2022 registered gardeners can pay overdue plot fees by calling 517-853-7809. Those who do not pay their plot fees will be unable to register for a plot in 2023.”

 Trying to decide whether community gardening is for you? 

Read about thebenefits and time it takes to be a community gardener and browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions (below).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

(If you require translation into a different language, email Garden Project.)

 If you don’t see your question answered give us a call at (517) 853-7809. Let’s keep the conversation going!