Food or Medicine? 

Food Or Medicine? 

That was the difficult decision Bridget and Kevin were facing last year. 

Kevin had to retire from landscaping after a successful 25-year career to be the primary caregiver for his father, who was battling dementia. That meant Bridget’s job as a restaurant manager was the only income for their family of four. 

“We always made sure his dad had his meds,” Bridget shared, though that often meant there wasn’t enough left over in their budget for groceries and other expenses. 

Many working families in mid-Michigan are only one illness, accident or unexpected incident away from hunger.  

Bridget knew that they needed help in order to make it from paycheck to paycheck, help they were able to find through Greater Lansing Food Bank’s resources. 

Your support helped Bridget and Kevin bridge the gap until they were able to get by on their own again. Now, they are giving back with food donations so other families facing hardships can receive the same help they did.  

“They help you get to where you won’t need them anymore,” Bridget said about our network of resources. 

Last year more than 13,000 households per month needed support from Greater Lansing Food Bank in order to get groceries for their families. This past January that number reached 15,000 households.

Donate today, to help meet the increased demand for food in our community.

Changia Sasa