Food Rescue at GLFB

Most everyone is familiar with traditional food banking. You’ve probably participated in a food drive by donating packaged food directly to Greater Lansing Food Bank. But what about prepared food? While we cannot accept home cooked food or home canned food, we do work with restaurants, catering companies, event centers and bakeries to collect commercially prepared food. In fact, there are thirty-eight local organizations that donate to GLFB’s “food rescue” program on a regular basis.

As you might expect, prepared food has to be carefully examined during each stage of collection. Prepared foods have a short lifespan, and we need to inspect the food for proper preparation, storage and temperature. All participating donors have licensed kitchens, through either Ingham County Health Department or Eaton County Health Department.

Since there are varied events and venues in our community, we never know what type of food we might be rescuing. One day we might get lobster ravioli with alfredo sauce and another day we might be getting a taco salad. It’s all good food, and it’s ready to be served to those in need.

So the next time you’re at a wedding venue in town and wonder what happens to all of the excess food…. we probably picked it up to help those in-need!

Phyllis Handley
GLFB Prepared Foods Coordinator