Start A Garden

If you’re thinking about starting a community garden, we invite you to attend our semi-annual series of Garden Leader’s Training. Garden Project will be holding this program every other year starting in 2018. The next GLT will be in mid-late winter of 2019. Meanwhile, if you’d like to start a community garden for the 2018 season, there are still plenty of resources we can offer to help you get you going! Please contact the administrative office for more details.

Garden Leader’s Training Curriculum

Day 1:

  • Virtual Tour of Successful Community Gardens
  • Developing Shared Vision

Day 2:

  • Volunteer Management
  • Outreach & Organizing

Day 3:

  • Garden Leadership Summit
  • Technical Trade Show

This is not a gardening class—it is crucial skills training for successful community gardening projects. Each session will provide an interactive opportunity for community members to gain leadership skills, access local resources, network, share and plan for both new and existing community gardening projects.  Past participants include schools aiming to provide students with hands-on gardening experience and nutrition education; “faith and food” congregations with goals of growing fresh produce for their members and community food banks; health clinics who want to engage their patients in healthy food production; and neighbors and apartment complex dwellers who garden together. With attendance, there will be opportunities to apply for Garden Project Start-Up Resources.

We encourage at least 2 people from each community project to attend.

Cost per session is $5-$30 sliding scale to cover learning materials.

For more information on what a community garden leadership position might entail, click here.

To RSVP or learn more about GLT, please call 517-853-7809 or email

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