Lansing Roots

Lansing Roots is a program of the Greater Lansing Food Bank

(GLFB), designed to help beginning farmers from the greater Lansing area begin successful farming enterprises through an incubator farm setting. The GLFB has been supporting home and community gardens for over thirty years through the Garden Project and Lansing Roots serves as a complement to the on-going support for community gardens by encouraging successful gardeners and interested entrepreneurs to develop farm enterprises. Our 10+ acre farm is designed to host farm businesses for 2-5 years while they grow and develop.

Lansing Roots focuses on limited-resource and historically under-served populations; primarily refugee, immigrant, low-income, minority, and women farmers.

Lansing Roots reduces barriers to farmers by providing land and infrastructure, farm resources, trainings, Demonstration Farm Plot, and a marketing collective that includes business planning and development and sales opportunities.

See below for farm address and map! 

Contact Program Manager Ben Sommers for more information.

Office Location:

919 Filley St, Lansing MI, 48906

Farm Location:

1084 S. Hagadorn Rd, Mason, MI 48854