Hill Community Garden

स्थान: 5815 विवेक मार्ग, लंसिङ मि ४८९११
सार्वजनिक उद्यान दान बगैचा बढ्यो-आफ्नै बगैचा

सर्वसाधरणलाई उपलब्ध प्लटहरू ।

A beautiful, large garden space located next door to the Schmidt Community Center. This diverse and productive garden was developed by members of the local refugee community. Garden Project appreciates the partnership with the South Lansing Community Development Association, Sodexo Magic and the Lansing School District to support this special space. Plots range in size from 22×27 ft to 50×30 ft. Water is available from spigots throughout the garden.

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    Registration opens March 1. Returning gardeners must register by April 1 to reserve the same plot. Register here

  • स्थान: 5815 बुद्धिमान रोड, Lansing मि 48911