Roots Community Garden

တည်နေရာ - Der Hollow ရဲ့ အမြစ်ဥယျာဉ် – ၁၀၈၄ ခုနှစ် တောင် ဟဂဒေါ်လမ်း ၊ Mason MI 48854

ယေဘုယျလူထုအတွက် ရရှိနိုင်တဲ့ မြေကွက်တွေပါ။ 

Roots Community Garden is a beautiful, nine-acre garden space located on the Der Happy Hollow property (owned by the Holt Kiwanis Club) in Mason that includes gardeners from a large cross-section of countries and experiences. Some African growers grow sustenance crops like long-season corn, winter squash, dry beans and cabbage. First established as an incubator farm in 2013, this site now offers the largest of the Garden Project plots at 110×23 ft. Water is available from widely spaced spigots throughout the garden. Contact Stevie to express interest before registering.


  • Number of plots: 107
  • ပါဝင်နိုင်ပုံ-

    Registration opens March 1. Returning gardeners must register by April 1 to reserve the same plot. Register here

  • တည်နေရာ – Der Hollow ရဲ့ အမြစ်ဥယျာဉ် - 1084 South Hagadon လမ်းမ ၊ MasonM 48854