Lake O’ The Hills Community Garden

Location: 5911 Bois Ile Dr Haslett MI 48840
Private Garden Donation Garden Grow-Your-Own Garden

Nestled along the shore of the Lake O’ The Hills in Haslett, this community garden was established in 2017. It provides 4×8 raised beds for residents of the nearby apartments and condos that are members of the homeowner’s association.

The purpose of the Lake O’ the Hills Community Garden is to provide another amenity to residents of the Lake O’ the Hills (LOTH) Community.  Qualifying residents include those who live in either of the two apartment complexes, condominium residents, and single family homeowners.   All LOTH residents pay dues to the LOTH Homeowner Association (LOTHA) and the board of directors for LOTHA have funded this community garden.

Currently, there are no garden plot or water fees for garden participants.  All community garden costs are fully funded by the LOTHA board. Read the 2020 LOTH Community Garden Contract here.

  • Number of plots: 27 raised beds
  • How to get involved:

    Contact Greg at (517) 896-8677

  • Location: 5911 Bois Ile Dr Haslett MI 48840