Food Movers

Prepared Food Rescue

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.51.56 PMFood Movers began in 1992 as a prepared and perishable food rescue program sponsored by the Greater Lansing Food Bank. This program is a non-traditional form of food banking in that it rescues excess edible food in the Greater Lansing community.

Volunteers pick up food from restaurants, bakeries, catered events, etc. The food is immediately delivered to shelters and community kitchens where there is a need for food. Refrigerated trucks are used so food quality is not compromised, and volunteers are trained in the safe food handling guidelines established by the Ingham County Health Department and the USDA.

Food Movers relies on cooperation between the private sector and community agencies, as well as on our generous volunteers. For more information about prepared food rescue, please contact Phyllis Handley at 517-908-3697 or email